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Lighters 1

All my lighters are Adjustable Refuelable Gas Butane, they are not disposable lighters. You will find in the description if its a single/double flame or a gas jet light

Note --- To my Australian Friends, I have been notified that Novelty lighters have been banned from your country and I will not be able to ship due to these regulations. Please do not place any orders as they will be refunded, Im sorry you will have to stick with matchs or a plain style light.

Denim Blue Jeans Lighter, Measures 3 length by 1 1/4 width by 3/4 depth to buttocks, Excellent detail, even has rear pockets! Flame comes out top. Comes in one of the following colors shown below. Price $4.00


Silver Dolphin Lighter, Measures 3in long by 1in wide,
Flip down on the top of his snout and a double gas
flame emits from his head, . Matt Silver Finish
Price $4.00


Spring Dog Lighter/Keychain. Press down on the ignighter and a flame emits out its nose, Body connected by a Coil Spring, Keychain is detachable if so desired. Comes in one of the following colors shown below. Price $5.25


Beetle Gas Butane Lighter, Measures 2 3/4 in length by 1 1/8 in width, Slide right the ignightor on its head and a flame emits out. Body all metal construction, legs are rubberized Price $4.99


Fire Extinguisher Gas Lighter, Measures 3 tall by 3/4 diameter, Push down on the black lever and a flame emits out the nozzel Price $4.99


Wriggley's Gum, All metal construction, measures 3 3/4" length by 3/4" width by 5/8" thick, looks just like the pack of gum in the store! Hold onto the Main Pack and Pull the stick thats furthest out further and the gums slide over and a flame emits from the top of the pack, keychain is detachable if so desired, Comes in White/Yellow or Green Price $6.00


Black and Silver Bottle opener/lighter, Measures 4 in length by 1 7/8 in width at widest point. Push ignightor down and a flame emits from behind the lighter, makes a great gift, a perfect addition for any bar. Price $4.99


Fire Extinguisher Candle Lighter, Measures 6 inches tall by 1 in diameter.  Slide the ignighter up and a flame emits out the end of its hose, Hose is metal and will bend in any direction, perfect for lighting Candles/BBQ's  Makes a Great Gift.  Price $7.00



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